Financing your new or used motorcycle

Finance & Warranty

The financing office at Crowsnest Trail Harley-Davidson is here to help.  We can help you get approved for financing with one of our lenders to make purchasing your new or pre-owned motorcycle as easy as it gets.  If you are selling your own motorcycle privately, we may be able to help your purchaser gain financing as well.  Contact us for all the details.

Financing your new or used motorcycle

Financing with HDFS: Financing with Harley-Davidson Financial Services Canada is quick and easy.  The credit application takes only a few minutes and we usually have an answer within 10-30 minutes.  You can stop in and visit our Finance office or call in and we can take your information over the phone.

Harley-Davidson Extended Warranty: New Harley-Davidson motorcycles come with a 2 year factory warranty.  The extended service plan can be purchased any time within the first 2 years before your factory warranty expires.  If you purchase it within the first 90 days of purchasing your new motorcycle and have less than 3500km, there is no penalty.  After the 90 day period is up there is an additional fee.  The extended service plan is the single most important protection that you can get to protect your motorcycle investment.  There are 2 parts to the plan.  The first covers 1100 parts on your bike.  It works in conjunction with your factory warranty for the first 2 years.  It does not cover wear items like tires and brakes.  It also gives you road side assistance.  If you are at least 160km from your home and you have a breakdown, the Extended Service Plan will reimburse for towing to the nearest H-D Dealership up to $200.  If your bike is going to take a few days to fix, then you can collect up to a mas of $450 not to exceed $150 in a 24 hour period for food and lodging.  You can also be reimbursed for rentals up to $750, not to exceed $75 per 24 hour period, while your bike is being worked on.  The second part of the Extended Service Plan is the tire and wheel coverage.  It will pay for the costs to repair or replace the original equipmnet or like replacement tires/wheels if you should come into contact with a road hazzard (pothole, nail, rock).

H-D Theft Protection:

Motorcycle theft is one of the fastest growing crimes in the US and Canada with one motorcycle stolen every 7.5 minutes.  Harley-Davidson Theft Protection is highly effective and relatively inexpensive.  This product is tiny microdots that are placed all over the frame and parts of the bike.  These data dots have numbers that are registered in a secure database with your name on it.  If your bike is stolen and considered a loss, you will receive up to $5000 towards the purchase of a replacement motorcycle, to go towards your insurance deductible, payoff deficiencies and taxes on a replacement unit.

First Canadian Payment Protection Plan: Having the payment protection plan on your motorcycle leaves your bike free and clear of all liens should something happen to you.  Most people have life insurance but what you have to consider is that now you have a new debt today that you didn't have yesterday.  This plan will compliment your existing coverage.  It turns your liability into an asset.  The second part to this plan covers you if you become sick and/or injured and are unable to work.  You don't have to be hospitalized, just under a doctor's care.  You qualify if you are between 18-65.  The bottom line is this plan protects your monthly payments, your motorcycle ownership, and your good credit rating.